Nest Building of Engineer Bird_Rufous Hornero Nest Building.

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Hi friends! You can see in this video a rufous hornero couples nest building in time lapse mode. So lets enjoy...
Nest Building of Engineer Bird_Rufous Hornero Nest Building.
“In about two weeks these diminutive birds manage to work two thousand pellets of mud, weighing about ten pounds in all, into an impressive dome…The oven’s construction involves building a rather ordinary but oversized adobe cup on the branch. This is then built up to make a sphere with a circular opening on one side, close to but not directly over the branch. Adding the mud pellets and smoothing them out without risking a collapse of the domed roof as it curves inward must require considerable care; the procedure employs behavior highly modified from that used for the cup…The birds construct a curved internal wall about three-quarters of the way toward the roof, creating an entrance chamber between the door and the nest cavity. The indirect entryway becomes a severe obstacle for predators, and the smooth concrete-like dried mud itself repels attacks.”
Rufous Hornero are residents of second growth scrub and pastureland from central Brazil west to Bolivia and south to southern Argentina. Noted more for their distinctive nests than for their appearance, Rufous Hornero are large ovenbirds with rufescent brown upperparts, light rufous supercilia, and tawny breast and underparts. Rufous Hornero feed predominantly on insects such as beetles, crickets, ants, and termites, which they capture while foraging on the ground. Rufous Hornero are incredible architects that build domed nests out of mud and straw; these nests are 20 to 30 cm in diameter and 20 to 25 cm tall. The nests of the Rufous Hornero are almost never reused by the pair that built them, making these nests readily accessible to other birds and animals as nest locations and shelter.

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Clip credit goes to- mvrxiru van Ray
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    This is one of the many miracles and art work of the Almighty. God Bless these little birds and also the Team for showing this beautiful and astounding video clipping for our delight..💖💖

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