Kim Kardashian SLAMS Lori Laughlin As Olivia Jade Is Seen Partying As Parents Await Prison Sentence

katma 22 Nis 2019
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Kim Kardashian SLAMMED Lori Laughlin for paying her daughters way into school… Olivia Jade is unfazed by the hate her parents are getting..she was seen partying recently while her parents await their prison sentence. Finally, Nash Grier and his fiancee, Taylor, announced that they’re expecting their FIRST BABY! All this TRstore news coming up right now, stick around.
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  • Leah H

    Leah H

    19 saatler önce

    OMFG she is a grown woman she is allowed to go to just because what her parents have done does not effect what she can do. no one should sit and write on their screens what a horrible person she is for going out when her parents are on trial because she is not letting her parents actions effect what she can do in her life and also who gives a shit her parents did the wrong stop hating on olivia jade she is an young women trying to survive in this world so let go of all the hate and stop following what everyone in the media says because u dont know half the story, you here rich privilidged and money and automatically you hate who ever is famous because of the fact their famous so stop the hate and get off ur screens and learn something #stopthehate

  • Lauren Rauh

    Lauren Rauh

    23 saatler önce

    I’m sorry because I’m not justifying Olivia jade or her actions but how is that even partying? Like have y’all ever been to a party. That was like 10 people hanging in a room. And why wouldn’t she still wanna hang out with her friends

  • Jessica Robinson

    Jessica Robinson

    5 gün önce

    Yawn 🥱 didn’t rob go to Usc? Let’s see his transcripts, wasn’t he a legacy admit?

  • Lee Lee

    Lee Lee

    6 gün önce


  • Daniel Gagne

    Daniel Gagne

    8 gün önce

    "That they wopuldnt thrive in anyway"?? So does that mean if they would thrive, then youd have no problem bribing??

  • Char Reed

    Char Reed

    15 gün önce

    A good example? Let's be clear why she's famous... Ray J?
    Yeah, Kim Kardashian as a lawyer... that's hilarious.
    Going to college? Is she?
    Thought she was apprenticing through a firm. That's not becoming a lawyer through a "side door" now is it?

  • jeff mays

    jeff mays

    15 gün önce

    Really? This coming from someone whom gathered fame from a porn video supposedly leaked that she actually staged? These people are all trash.

  • Max Dembo

    Max Dembo

    20 gün önce

    The Kardashians are rich but they’re incredibly hardworking and smart business people. It’s easy to try and underestimate them, but that would be a mistake.

  • John Koziol

    John Koziol

    2 aylar önce

    I know that Kim Kardashian's father was a lawyer but that doesn't mean she has what it takes to be one. From the sex tape she shot, once upon a time, with Ray-J to all the times after that she has posed nude which, to me, was just another way of drawing attention to herself because, in a sex obsessed society, she knows that sex sells and she has a better chance to profit with her endeavors by doing this. Doing this makes her nothing more than a glorified prostitute. As far as her now wanting to be a lawyer, I don't think she has what it takes to be one based on her current track record. She is DEFINITELY NOT someone I would want to represent me in a court of law!!!

  • Freedom O’speech

    Freedom O’speech

    2 aylar önce

    Kardashian’s looks like drag queens.

  • Sam


    3 aylar önce

    She didn’t really SLAM them

  • Issy A

    Issy A

    3 aylar önce

    Kim is so right

  • Nitesh R

    Nitesh R

    3 aylar önce

    So ironic, someone who made porn to get famous is teaching ethics to other ! Give me a break. What Lori did is wrong but Kim talking about this is too much !

  • Alisha-tenniz life

    Alisha-tenniz life

    3 aylar önce

    So aunty becky gonna be in fuller house season 5!

  • Dt1Kenobi


    3 aylar önce

    Yes, Kim K, everyone should follow her parental do’s and dont’s.
    Much like her Mothers do’s and dont’s...such as “make porn for exposure” AND “call tmz on self when dining out”
    Are we fucking serious here?

  • D Mac

    D Mac

    3 aylar önce


  • Flower Rose

    Flower Rose

    3 aylar önce

    Why olivia desactivate all the comment in her youtub channel !!!

  • T W

    T W

    4 aylar önce

    Nash GF is so ugly

  • zdrumdude


    5 aylar önce

    Who is this slut to judge...look at her past. Omg.....first ballot hall of fame whore!

  • Vony Rakoto

    Vony Rakoto

    5 aylar önce

    Liar. Can y'all imagine little Chi Chi admitted in no university, being forced to earn a living at let's say 17 years old and millionaires Kim and Kanye doing nothing about it ?

  • LowFrequency


    5 aylar önce

    3:14 who the fuck are these ppl?

  • bReaNna eliZabEth

    bReaNna eliZabEth

    5 aylar önce

    that’s not even olivia lol that’s madison beer

  • Lisa Jourdan

    Lisa Jourdan

    5 aylar önce

    I hope her kids don't see her getting butt FXXX!

  • sos


    5 aylar önce

    she has been and will always be trash stop praising her for condemning something anyone else would condemn tf, y’all live to be up her ass for the bare minimum

  • Nathan Tisdale

    Nathan Tisdale

    5 aylar önce

    This made me laugh so hard. isn't that how the Kardashians get about paying there way hahaha

  • DulceAmor0619


    5 aylar önce

    “A strong work ethic for her kids...” I forgot she worked so hard sucking dick and making money off her sex tape. She worked really hard. 🤦🏽‍♀️ she’s such a hypocrite. Clearly everything is clearer in hindsight but Lori made a huge mistake and she’s paying for it now. I think there’s much bigger things to talk about like what’s going on w that forest fire than someone who is privileged and had the means to try and get her kids the best education. 🤷🏽‍♀️ not my place to say but it’s not like the Kardashian’s aren’t privileged either. They get away w shit too just cos they are a kardashian.

  • Raf


    5 aylar önce

    1. That’s not olivia
    2. She’s not partying lmao she’s just hanging out with her friends. I do that when i hang out with my friends lmao, hearing music is not “out there partyinnnnnnng yoo” jesus christ all of u nowadays

  • Cassandra Teal

    Cassandra Teal

    5 aylar önce

    Kim is preparing for Kanye's run for president, but still, having her speak out against them means a lot

  • Clear Castro

    Clear Castro

    6 aylar önce

    That wasn’t her tho wahahah

  • Aries For Life

    Aries For Life

    6 aylar önce

    People called her a whore, but she is actually pretty smart.

  • lauren vega-cruz

    lauren vega-cruz

    6 aylar önce

    Damn, Kim made a good point..why force them when they ain't got the ability to do good in college did Kim get so beautiful and brainy? The threat is real.

  • Rebecca Becca123b

    Rebecca Becca123b

    6 aylar önce

    Kim Kardashian said it all she blames the media for what happen but the It’s not the media’s fault that your mom lied and committed a crime and took and opportunity for someone who could not afford to go to college. The only person you have to blame is your mom and dad and your self.

  • marlenna


    6 aylar önce


  • Elina Roselina

    Elina Roselina

    6 aylar önce

    Still dont think her kid should get hate she dident choes her parents

  • november132


    6 aylar önce

    Honestly I don't see the big deal. What is it that liberals say? If it doesn't harm anyone physically, you can do anything you want.

  • Desiree Alvarez

    Desiree Alvarez

    6 aylar önce

    I know what they did was wrong but I feel bad for the parents 🥺 and we can’t blame the daughter for partying she’s young. Most of us made a lot of mistakes at her age. You’re not thinking and you don’t know how else to cope accept drink and party because maybe that’s the only thing that’s numbing her from accepting reality. Is is still wrong? 100% but I think we should cut her slack when she’s still so young and I know for a fact 5 years from now she’ll hate herself for it.

  • Lucinda Johnston

    Lucinda Johnston

    6 aylar önce

    Even if it was her a girl is allow to have fun just because she’s in her current situation doesn’t mean she has to stay depressed or unhappy for the rest of her life

  • Rick Bastuba

    Rick Bastuba

    6 aylar önce

    Why would you ever listen to these fucking ppl my god ppl are like lab rats do some thinking on your own

  • ëlla dëvine-häll

    ëlla dëvine-häll

    6 aylar önce

    She’s allowed a social life just because her parents made bad choices doesn’t mean she can’t have a life.

  • Gabriella Abramson

    Gabriella Abramson

    6 aylar önce

    I have gained so much respect for Kim

  • Vale Ledo

    Vale Ledo

    6 aylar önce

    I think this is so stupid like Olivia jade should be allowed to live her life through so much drama and attempt at least to be a teen??

    • Id K

      Id K

      6 aylar önce

      She’s not a teen lmao she’s a whole ass adult she knew what was going on she’s equally as guilty as her criminal parents

  • Trinity G.

    Trinity G.

    6 aylar önce

    Even Kim knows that was another left , okay Kim probs to you

  • Destiny McDaniel

    Destiny McDaniel

    6 aylar önce

    that’s madison beer 💀💀💀y’all have horrible sources

  • Dana D

    Dana D

    7 aylar önce

    Ironic for a woman trying to become a lawyer without doing the work of law school.

  • The f Gh

    The f Gh

    7 aylar önce

    Shame is not in their dictionary

  • zdrumdude


    7 aylar önce

    What about this whore laughing at her dumbass husband pissing in a public parking garage. She has absolutely NO right to judge a soul. Her kids will be whores and everyone knows it. STFU

  • Katlyn G-K

    Katlyn G-K

    7 aylar önce

    Of all people I don’t think Kim is one to talk or drag anyone’s name when the reason why she’s famous because she did a porn video basically

  • Ahsin Cole

    Ahsin Cole

    7 aylar önce

    Even if it was Olivia why should anyone be able to tell her how to feel or what to do in that situation smh

  • Imani Child's

    Imani Child's

    7 aylar önce

    I’m glad she dragged them. I hope their prison sentence is nice and long, long enough to help them value their fame and not take advantage of it in that way 😒

  • emilyfan505


    7 aylar önce

    Kim acting like she isn’t only famous because of a sex tape 😂

    • emilyfan505


      7 aylar önce

      Lisa L exactly. She acts all high and mighty but she didn’t work for anything, she is just famous for being famous.

    • Lisa L

      Lisa L

      7 aylar önce

      I know! Wannabe porn star! Thinks she has something important to say about anything !

  • M G

    M G

    7 aylar önce

    Kim Kardashian’s thinks she’s cleopatra! She’s not!

  • Natali Rivera

    Natali Rivera

    7 aylar önce

    Queen periodddd Kim Kardashian 💗

  • Alicia ballet

    Alicia ballet

    7 aylar önce

    WoW is nash grier still a thing?

  • emc876


    7 aylar önce

    You don’t know facts idiot. Find out the truth first. You fake news witch.

  • emc876


    7 aylar önce

    Is this the porn hoe that became famous for being a hoe?

  • Cha Cha

    Cha Cha

    7 aylar önce

    Love you Kim ❤

  • Ktln Stoddard

    Ktln Stoddard

    7 aylar önce

    Kim k can’t even speak lmao what kind of parent is she 🤦🏻‍♀️
    We should all report this video

  • miathapapaya


    7 aylar önce

    You know what? I actually do believe this of her, from what I have seen of her behavior in her family relations and her own projects throughout the years. Im not a giant Kim K fan but whereas I do think her kids would have it way easier than your average college kid because of housing and supplies + income handled? They would have to work for their grades.

  • Mackenzie Peel

    Mackenzie Peel

    7 aylar önce

    Being around friends probably helped Olivia and there is no better distraction then vlog squad antics. I think Lori forced Olivia to be someone other then who she is.

    • Cassandra Teal

      Cassandra Teal

      5 aylar önce

      Olivia's a privileged and spoilt cunt. Nothing more to it.