Harlow Brooks Dishes on Life in High School With Olivia Jade

katma 19 Mar 2019
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A onetime classmate of Olivia Jade Giannulli's said she was always suspicious of how she got into the University of Southern California. TRstorer Harlow Brooks, 18, who went to high school with Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade at Marymount High School, posted a video to her channel detailing how she was shocked to learn her classmate was admitted to USC. “I was like, 'Wow that's kind of crazy, because USC is kind of very, extremely hard to get into,'" she says in the video.

Inside Edition
Inside Edition
  • Rhea Shukla

    Rhea Shukla

    5 gün önce

    it is incredibly easy to get vibes from a school after just one week. i was able to tell what school would be like when i toured (it was a boarding) for just one day. harlow purposefully did not mention the name, so i don’t understand what the issue is here?

  • Greg Jay

    Greg Jay

    7 gün önce

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    Greg Jay

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  • K Feez

    K Feez

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  • Jade Tomas

    Jade Tomas

    3 aylar önce

    I attend at Marymount as of right now and the way harrow described that school was horrible. Marymount isn’t even that bad

    • Jade Tomas

      Jade Tomas

      3 aylar önce


  • William Lee

    William Lee

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  • Elizabeth Regnes

    Elizabeth Regnes

    8 aylar önce

    For a girl who makes a first video about not liking drama or instigating drama then goes straight to talking about someone else - she seems to be loving the attention she’s getting from commenting off Olivia Jade. I don’t condone what Lori has done and I never knew who Olivia Jade was before this but Harlow seems like a clout chaser and just as fake lmao.

  • Nancy Pambid

    Nancy Pambid

    9 aylar önce

    Her statements wouldn’t be harmful to the school if this channel never exposed the school in the first place..

  • Mark Cobradire

    Mark Cobradire

    10 aylar önce

    *this chick didn’t even post on her YouTube channel for months before she made this video... she just wants the fame. She could be very nice... but knew what she was doing don’t @ me other wise... any small chance someone could get views on they’ll do it*

  • A W

    A W

    10 aylar önce

    I’ve been to both public and private schools and there is nothing that girl is saying is false. I’ve experienced that too. I had no friends. Everyone was in competition with each other whether that be whose parents had more money, cars, boys, or drugs. It’s just the nature of it all. If you didn’t participate, you were exiled. I’m sure that was on a much larger scale at a rich people private school.

  • Kate Fischetti

    Kate Fischetti

    10 aylar önce

    She literally only went there for 3 days she shouldn’t be bashing other people and a school that she doesn’t even know that much about

  • Agnieszka Koçak

    Agnieszka Koçak

    10 aylar önce

    Come on.... she went there for less then a week!!!!!!!! and have so much inside ? Doubtful!

  • FeaturedDancer Williams

    FeaturedDancer Williams

    10 aylar önce

    She only went to school with her for 3 days to a week, that's not enough time to adjust to a school

  • Caroline Gunn

    Caroline Gunn

    10 aylar önce

    Why is the school even upset? Everyone will have their own opinions about their experience.

  • Maura Kay

    Maura Kay

    10 aylar önce

    *Why does she remind me of Lola Rhodes from Gossip Girl* both the real and fake one lol

  • Gisselle Reyes

    Gisselle Reyes

    10 aylar önce

    For every like I will add a ❤️

  • Katie Bistiglione

    Katie Bistiglione

    10 aylar önce

    Caint buy BRAINS

  • A Sens

    A Sens

    10 aylar önce

    Harlow did NOTHING wrong.

  • AGydell


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  • rosa betances

    rosa betances

    10 aylar önce

    I'm sure this high school has been payed to pass certain students.

  • Angry Deli

    Angry Deli

    10 aylar önce

    This video is brought to you by the word "LIKE"

  • indi 100105

    indi 100105

    10 aylar önce

    That girl is now just using this as an opportunity to make money.

  • viccaro


    10 aylar önce

    Thirst trap

  • Paige Alia

    Paige Alia

    10 aylar önce

    I purposely didn’t watch her video now this 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Issajazmyn _

    Issajazmyn _

    10 aylar önce

    Hahahha everyone coming in to get their 5 minutes of fame.

  • BrittBritt 95

    BrittBritt 95

    10 aylar önce

    18????? She looks late 20’s

    • Lila J

      Lila J

      10 aylar önce

      White People age like milk

  • Emma Grey

    Emma Grey

    10 aylar önce

    She’s not dishing she’s speaking the truth

  • May Myat Noe Oo

    May Myat Noe Oo

    10 aylar önce

    “Harlow quit after just one week... “

  • ShouldYou TryIt

    ShouldYou TryIt

    10 aylar önce

    The girl was there for a week how can she know Olivia jade

  • Claire Zukowski

    Claire Zukowski

    10 aylar önce

    sis trying to get clout

  • Brenda Patricia Rubio Pacheco

    Brenda Patricia Rubio Pacheco

    10 aylar önce

    I get her point. She didn’t have a good school experience but, I think she’s just talking about olivia jade to get attention and that really annoys me 🙄 (to be clear I don’t like Olivia Jade)

  • syhpilis


    10 aylar önce

    I didn’t even know Lori loughlin had a kid

  • AC DC

    AC DC

    10 aylar önce

    *She did this to get views. SAD*

  • Zaira Lizette

    Zaira Lizette

    10 aylar önce

    So just because she was there for only 3days she’s not allowed to express her opinion?

  • loraine


    10 aylar önce

    Getting her 5 minutes of fame😂😂😂👏👏👏get it girl!

  • Madison Shackleford

    Madison Shackleford

    10 aylar önce

    Why is Harlow getting backlash for this like it’s her opinion it’s what actually happened if the school is trying to cover up what happened in attempt to make their image better it isn’t working because I see right though it doesn’t matter if she only went there for three days what happened in those three days speaks more than the amount of time there.

  • JulesDanser


    10 aylar önce

    ...I scrolled through the comments, yet didn't see this comment anywhere - is 4 hours of homework everyday seriously considered, "too much"? genuinely perplexed

  • Potato Hams

    Potato Hams

    10 aylar önce

    *Damn. Olivia and her mother cant come back from this, i go onto google the first thing i see is articles about the scandal. It’s EVERYWHERE. Tuff💀*

  • Nat


    10 aylar önce

    This is lowkey embarrassing sksjsjs

  • Simoné Aggullis

    Simoné Aggullis

    10 aylar önce

    These girls work hard at this school . . . but Kris Jenner works harder LOL

  • Kimberly Martin

    Kimberly Martin

    10 aylar önce

    But like she was only there for 3 days...

  • Hairy Poppins

    Hairy Poppins

    10 aylar önce

    I’m sorry but spending a week at a school doesn’t really count as going to school with someone

  • Al  DePratti

    Al DePratti

    10 aylar önce

    You went to school there for a week

  • livslovelylife


    10 aylar önce

    In her original video she admits she only went to Marymount for 1 week. I think that's why everyone is getting quite angry.

  • Madi Phillips

    Madi Phillips

    10 aylar önce

    This girl went to the high school for 3 days. And she’s being interviewed acting like she knows the school? This is strange lol

  • Mia diaryinparadise

    Mia diaryinparadise

    10 aylar önce

    And what was even more disgusting was girls from usc came to her house to threaten her watch her videos

  • Tovah


    10 aylar önce

    It only takes one hour to judge something... Get real

  • katrice delos reyes

    katrice delos reyes

    10 aylar önce

    Getting Harlow Brooks for news when she’s obviously only one side of the story. she went to the same school as Olivia jade for 1 WEEK. YES, 1 WEEK. Or even 3 days said by other people. And suddenly she’s being interviewed for what she thinks about this whole situation? What kind of “news” is this? So pathetic. She’s an aspiring actress and she’s taking advantage of this for publicity. Typical. I don’t know why you would get someone like Harlow brooks who is participating in talking so negatively about someone she doesn’t even know and has no relation to this issue. She’s a bully herself for shining so much negativity when she could be do something better with her life rather than “trying to be involved” in this scandal.

  • lorelai gilmore

    lorelai gilmore

    10 aylar önce

    Lmao she went to the same school with her for 5 days and didn’t even talk to that girl

  • Abby Wolniakowski

    Abby Wolniakowski

    10 aylar önce

    OMG Harlow I love her channel!!

  • Eli vee

    Eli vee

    10 aylar önce

    Former students allegedly showed up to her house, too. Like wtf. She may have only been there a few days but sounds like she left for a reason.

  • Abbie 51304

    Abbie 51304

    10 aylar önce

    This is awesome. I've been keeping up with her story, and it's great



    10 aylar önce

    This girl knew her for 1 week like she needs to take several seats.

  • Kimberly Equestrian

    Kimberly Equestrian

    10 aylar önce

    Only 4 hours of homework? For me, thats an easy night. Lol jk😂

  • Awesomeness


    10 aylar önce

    Wait she only went to the school for three days? Lmho how? 😂

    • Awesomeness


      10 aylar önce

      @Tamara Ali They said 3 days

    • Tamara Ali

      Tamara Ali

      10 aylar önce

      Actually she went for a week, which is enough time to see what kind of school it is

  • Awesomeness


    10 aylar önce

    Dang she made it on the news for making a video!

  • Christian


    10 aylar önce

    lol this was her chance to gain attention lol

  • Amelia Brook

    Amelia Brook

    10 aylar önce

    Love your vid

  • DJ Jude 2308

    DJ Jude 2308

    10 aylar önce

    I know one of them from Fuller house

  • ellechim liag

    ellechim liag

    10 aylar önce

    Well........ i won't be surprise if the Kardashians also paid their way through school that's for sure.